You may not be aware that there is a legal, safe, and effective way to be paid to remain in your home throughout your retirement for as long as you occupy the property — a Reverse Mortgage.

The program is open to all seniors over the age of 62 who have equity in their principal residence and wish to obtain up to $726,525 under FHA terms or more under private terms.

We can assist you with using a reverse mortgage to prepare for a long and fruitful retirement using the equity in your home. 

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A reverse mortgage is a non-recourse loan that allows homeowners aged 62 and older to convert home equity into cash or as a means to purchase a new home without having to worry about paying a monthly note. This type of mortgage does not require the homeowner to make loan payments, unlike a forward mortgage used to buy a home. The loan balance becomes due and payable in one of the three following cases:

  • When the borrower dies
  • After they move permanently
  • If they sell the home
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With reverse mortgage solutions, lenders make payments to homeowners – hence the name. The borrower can choose how they want to receive the borrowed funds: 

  • lump sum
  • fixed monthly payment
  • term payments
  • line of credit
  • equal monthly payments and a line of credit
  • term payments plus a line of credit

The primary requirements for a reverse mortgage are simple – be 62 or older and have equity in a principal residence. However, there are a few other requirements prior to closing:

  • You must have at least 50% of equity or own your home free and clear.
  • As a borrower, you must pay an origination fee, as well as interest payments, loan servicing fees, up-front insurance premium, and ongoing mortgage insurance premium.
  • The borrower must attend a third-party counseling session by an HUD-certified nonprofit agency that is designed to protect seniors.
  • As a borrower, you must stay current on property taxes and homeowners’ insurance, as well as keep the home in good repair.
  • The lender will have an FHA appraisal done on the property to determine its market value.

There are actually a number of very good non-income reasons for entering into a reverse mortgage. In addition to tax savings, a reverse mortgage offers seniors:

  • The ability to remain secure in their home until death
  • A tool to move closer to children or grandchildren
  • The ability to downsize to a more retiree-friendly home
  • The ability to use investable assets to acquire additional investment properties
  • The ability to improve their living situation by moving into a bigger house or better area

These factors help to support the economic logic of entering into a reverse mortgage for particular types of seniors.


There are always at least three parties involved in a reverse mortgage:

  • the borrower
  • the lender
  • and the title company.

Frequently, real estate agents are involved in providing guidance to homeowner borrowers as well.


The borrower is the owner of the principal residence who would like to convert their home equity into one or more tax-free cash payments to be used for essentially any purpose.


The lender is the financial institution that agrees to lend the borrower money in exchange for a mortgage on the property. The lender will not require any payments from the borrower. The lender pays the borrower.

Title company

The title company’s role is to facilitate the transaction by verifying compliance with all closing rules and regulations, having the borrower and lender sign relevant paperwork, and by holding the loan proceeds in escrow until all paperwork has been completed.

Real estate agent

The agent’s role in the process is to provide objective guidance for seniors who may be good candidates for a reverse mortgage. This guidance involves determining the client’s needs and potential qualification level, a market value of the existing residence, and finding an appropriate new residence for them (if applicable).

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If you are looking for Reverse Mortgage services in LA, don’t hesitate to contact Southern Title. We will ensure that your loan runs smoothly by overseeing an array of administrative duties.

Even though reverse mortgages are incredibly beneficial to seniors, they can also be rather complex, especially if you’re trying to do everything on your own, which can cost you a lot of money and stress in the long run.