You will find many commonly used forms for real estate title transfers on this page including a Louisiana residential purchase agreement. Select the form as directed by your real estate agent or one of our closing specialists. We would be happy to assist you by answering questions about the proper form to use and what information is needed to complete each one.

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Commonly Used Forms

Residential Purchase Agreement Form

Used for residential real estate acquisitions. Letter-sized, updated for 2022.

Commercial Purchase Agreement Form 2022

Used for commercial property transfers, such as office buildings.

Informational Statement for Louisiana Residential Property Disclosure

2019 version

Power of Attorney to Sell

2016 version

Lesser Used Forms

Condominium Addendum

[2019 version] used when the property being sold is a condominium.

Lead Based Paint Letter

Used only to notify purchasers of the known presence of lead-based paint in property.

Residential Sewerage Treatment Systems Addendum

Used only if there is no municipal sewer service to the property. 2019 version.

Home Warranty Disclosure

Used to clearly state if a home warranty is included or not in the property sale.

Residential New Construction Addendum

Used when a property is being built to specify what needs to be completed prior to sale.

Waiver of Warranty

Used for an “As Is” purchase of property.

Dual Agency Representation Form

Used to allow a single real estate agent to represent both buyer and seller.

Purchase Agreement Amendment

Used to modify existing purchase agreements.

Customer Information form

This document describes the various types of agency relationships that can exist in real estate transactions.

Deposit addendum to Louisiana residential agreement to buy or sell

Used to explain the ownership or entitlement to funds held in a sales escrow checking account.

LREC Consumer Info

Real Estate Broker Information Pamphlet

Used to give consumers information about using a real estate agent.

Agency Information Form

Used to describe the various types of agency agreements that can exist in a real estate transaction.

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