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Why is buying a house so hard?

Almost everyone has experienced many difficult situations in their lives. According to psychology, there are countless personal and family situations which can bring a lot of stress in person’s life, and we cannot doubt how one of the most stressful situations in modern life is definitely buying a new home.

Why is buying a house so stressful?
The buyers get through many unpleasant situations in this process and finally, they sometimes make a wrong decision based on their emotions. Continue reading and find out everything you need to know about home buying stress.

Stresses of buying a house

Although buying a new home may sound like a fantastic idea, which it is, according to Housing Wire, more than 40% of the Americans claim how buying a house is the most stressful event in their modern lives. It is completely normal for people to feel that way because nowadays life is very fast and people often don’t have enough time even to take a break from their obligations (or even to complete them all).

Homes.com have created a survey in which 2,000 Americans participated and shared their experiences when it comes to buying a new property. It is not surprising to hear that more than 45% of Americans were constantly nervous through the whole house buying process.



Why is buying a house so hard? What are the most stressful situations home buyers experience?
Let’s start with explaining how people feel in this whole process. First of all, buying a home is definitely one of the biggest purchases every American will ever do in their whole life, so, they feel afraid.

The second thing would definitely be their expectations-most of people who took this survey claimed how they didn’t know that the process will last for so long and how they were tired all the time. Would it surprise you to hear how literally one in every three house buyers bursts into tears at some moment of the home buying process? Home buying stress literally makes people feel lost.

The approximate number of properties home buyers go to see before settling down is around six. After that, numerous people claimed how they just got too tired and bought a property based on their emotions.

We cannot forget to mention how they also didn’t expect to pay such a high price they have paid at the end. What about their confidence through the whole home buying process? It definitely wasn’t on a level it should be. People also claimed how they felt heartbroken in some way.

Why all of these situations happen?
Mostly because people don’t know how to negotiate, they don’t know their rights, and besides that, they get easily tired with too many papers they need to sign. For many of the respondents it sounded and looked frustrating even before they have started with this process, and later on, as it was in some phase, home buyers just realized how they want it all to end and lowered their standards. In that case, of course, they weren’t satisfied with the property they have bought. You can now easily understand how all of these ”little” situations make house buying stress become even bigger.

What are the most home-buying things that were somehow different than people expected?
The first place definitely took the cost of the property. Then we have to apply for a mortgage, the settlement process, the inspection, escrow, title and its insurance, making a down payment, conducting a credit check and this list can literally go on and on.

If you have been through a home-buying process, or if you know someone who did it before, then you have definitely heard some similar stories as we have mentioned above. But, you may also be a first time home buyer, and you may be afraid even before the process begins just because of the stories you have heard. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. It can be definitely a lot easier. Decrease the level of stress without putting so much effort just by learning everything about the whole home buying process.

The first thing you should definitely do is to get your finances in order and to know your budget. Once you are done with that, you are ready to take the next step which is to get pre-approved by a lender.

Finding a great real estate agent sound not so important for many people that took the survey, and at the end, they have claimed how that may be one of the biggest mistakes they have made in the whole home buying process.

Having completely clear goals and targeting the areas you want your new home to be in are the next steps you should take, but you don’t have to do that alone.

Does it have to be that hard?

Overall, you are lucky to live in the 21st century because we now have almost every information we need on the Internet. It is also the truth of how people are not sure to whom they can trust because of that countless information.

Nevertheless, that is exactly why we have created a detailed guide for home buyers to make their whole home-buying process easier. In our Ultimate Guide To Closing Process, you will be able to realize the finest details about this stressful event.

What can you learn in our complete guide to the closing process?
You will learn everything a buyer needs to know before even getting into this whole thing, and in that case, you will be prepared for some unexpected situations because believe us, they happen.

Learn how to choose the proper real estate agent, the importance of the closing company and its policy, everything you should know about the title insurance and how to negotiate in the correct way.

Besides that, you will be also able to see how it all looks like from the seller’s side too, so you won’t get in some unnecessary conflicts. Understanding the whole process is what makes it easier and what makes people satisfied at the end of it. Always remember that you deserve to get the home you want and need. Home buying stress can become the past now.

Now is the perfect time to stop worrying that buying a new home will be more stressful than applying for a wanted college! Stay confident throughout the whole process and lover your cortisol levels with Southern Title. Our company has more than 40 years of experience in closing real estate transactions in Southern Louisiana with more than 50,000 of it easily and successfully closed.

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