Commercial Title Transfers

Louisiana Commercial Property Title Transfers are normally more complex than residential transactions.

The various endorsements and issues involved in transferring title for restaurants, bars, and other commercial venues require expertise and tact to negotiate with the various groups involved in the transactions.

We are experts in working with all sides of commercial title transfers to represent fair and objective outcomes for all parties.
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Louisiana Commercial Property Title Transfers

Additional Information

What are some things I need to consider in choosing a commercial space?

Depending on the type of business and how it operates, there are a number of considerations in selecting a commercial site.
These factors may be of great importance: location, cost, zoning restrictions, access, visibility, available signage and parking.

How are lease rates calculated for commercial property?

Commercial property lease rates are typically based on the annual cost, per square foot, of the leased space. In order to determine the monthly, rent for a property, you would need to multiply the quoted rent per square foot by the number of square feet being leased. The resulting number is the annual rent. The annual rent should then be divided by twelve to arrive at the monthly rent figure.

What is the difference between a gross lease and a net lease?

Gross and Net leases are two different ways of quoting rent. A gross lease means that the stated rental rate includes the major expenses from real estate taxes, property insurance and common area maintenance, and that no additional rent for those items is required to be paid. With an absolute gross or full service lease, the rate will include basic utilities. A NNN or triple net lease is where the rent is quoted as a base rent net of, or not including, the expenses for real estate taxes, building insurance and common area maintenance. These expenses are an extra charge over and above the base rent, as well as the utilities. A tenant will typically pay for its own phone and internet services under any of these lease types.

What are CAM charges?

Common area maintenance (CAM) typically includes the costs of common utilities, land maintenance, janitorial services, etc.

What are tenant improvements?

Tenant improvements are the remodeling or maintenance that need to be completed before the tenant can utilize the leased premises.

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