Tips for Seniors on How to Make Their Downsize Feel like the Perfect Fit

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Moving into a smaller home in your senior years can feel awkward at first. You’re used to more elbow room, so you’re adjusting to the lifestyle that accompanies your new digs. Here are some tips for happily settling into your abode so your downsize feels like the perfect fit.

Pare down belongings.

One of the hardest parts of downsizing is reducing the amount of “stuff” going into your new home. However, a smaller home will feel cramped and uncomfortable if it’s filled to the brim, so Comfort Life notes decluttering is a key to feeling settled. If you haven’t had a chance to sort out the things you will donate, keep, or sell, put items in question into self-storage rather than bring them into your new home. Research the costs of storage units in your area so you can find the right one for your needs. For example, over the past 180 days, the average rental price of a self-storage space in New Orleans was about $77.37.

Organize right from the start.

Are you ready to unpack and get organized? While it may be tempting to plunge into your bigger spaces, Good Housekeeping suggests starting your unpacking efforts with the closet areas. By establishing organized storage right from the start, you can begin life in your new home free of disorder. Don’t stop there! Some experts suggest getting one room in your new home completely unpacked to help you feel established.

Keep the floors open.

There are a couple important benefits in keeping as much of your new home’s floor space as open as possible. Since you’ll have a reduced amount of square footage, open floors offer flexibility in a small house. You can alter the layouts of your rooms more, moving furniture and accessories around as needed for activities. Sticking with open traffic areas offers benefits for aging in place as well, reducing slipping and tripping hazards. Even if you are healthy and able-bodied right now, growing older often brings mobility concerns. Keeping your walkways open can mean easier navigation down the road.

Mix things up.

When you’re ready to decorate your new home, aim to blend some of your new furnishings with old ones. You might have to part with the king sized bed and the overstuffed sofa, but incorporating a few pieces from your old house can help things feel familiar. Try putting out some plants, hanging wall art and burning a few candles to warm up the atmosphere as well. Another suggestion is to install new window treatments. It’s an easy home maintenance task to help you feel settled in right away, and it adds privacy. Opt for lightweight and light-colored window treatments to help your rooms feel sunny and airy for a budget-friendly price starting at $15.20. Try keeping your walls light colors to make spaces feel bright and open as well.

Throw a party.

Throw a housewarming party and invite everyone to bring a dish to pass. It’s a great opportunity to meet your new neighbors as well. The more, the merrier! Put out some fresh flowers and open a bottle of wine to make the event complete. You will soon see that smaller can equate to cozy, warm and welcome, and you’ll feel right at home.

Settling into a new, smaller home can be a challenging transition. Cut down on clutter so your home doesn’t feel cramped, and opt for an open arrangement. Keep smart strategies in mind when organizing and decorating, and wrap things up by throwing yourself a party. Your downsize will feel like the perfect fit!

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